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Adding walls to your property can make a lot of sense for example to create an office space, a storage area, or even an extra bedroom. However, in Oahu most of our homes are not overflowing with excess space. Our team of drywall contractors are the right choice for planning and perform any drywall installation in Honolulu and Oahu. 

Permits for Drywall installation in Hawaii

In many instances, adding walls to your home may require a building permit. The same for commercial drywall installation. We are able to work with the Department of Planning and Permitting to make sure everything is done correctly and legally.  Times can vary greatly in the permitting process and should be calculated in your timing budget, especially if you plan on selling your home.

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Sleeping and working in the same room?
Working in a room with distractions.
Add a Wall!

The lifestyle of most American families has changed significantly since COVID-19.  First, people spend more time at home than ever.  Second, a great number of people actually work from home.  That has created a dramatic need for separation in spaces with different functions.  Working in the same room where your kids are watching TV is just not possible.  Moreover, working in the same room that you sleep may affect your mental state and sleep patterns.   

Reasons to Install Drywall in Your Home

Property values are largely dependent on the number of rooms you have in your property.  Also, the more rooms the more options you have for separation of activities.

Install a Wall

Installing a wall adds separation to an existing space.  While the modern days call for open house concepts, there are still many reasons you could want to install a wall.

Moving a Wall

Moving a wall implies to remove wall and put it back up in another area.  The concepts of building a wall still apply here.  The most common reason to move a house is to extend a room.  In this case you will not only be dealing with drywall, but also exterior framing.  In Hawaii this will require a permit and is something we can help you acquire.

Add a Bedroom

In Hawaii, we get a lot of calls from people looking to add a wall in the living room to create an extra bedroom.  Additional bedrooms can increase the value of your property.  If your living room is big enough, this can make your home more valuable.  On a rental property, it can easily increase the value of a rental by several hundred dollars a month!  Don’t forget that bedrooms will need to have closets to be classified as an additional bedroom.  This may require more than one wall creation to complete your bedroom.

Add Office Space

Similarly to adding a wall for a bedroom, people started to look at installing drywall to create an office space.  If you have a big living room, you have great options to create a separate space.  Create office spaces has been very popular in Hawaii since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Add a Partial Wall

Not every wall needs to go from floor to ceiling.  Building a half wall or pony wall can help to give separation to a room, but still allow for people to see into the other room.  Decorative walls with windows or gaps can also achieve separation without completely blocking a view.

Commercial Projects

Businesses have unique needs and we love helping with commercial drywall projects.  The reasons to add drywall here are various and we can help you strategizing.

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Benefits of Using Drywall

  • Modern look: Since the later parts of the 1900s, drywall has become the most common form wall finishing material.  It is the most accepted look and allows for the most flexibility in home design.  It is the easiest material to paint and adding a texture to drywall is easy to add especially when compared with other materials.
  • Energy Efficient: Added insulation in the walls helps to maintain room temperatures.  This allows air conditioning and heating units to work less and be more cost efficient.
  • Sound Proofing: Added insulation helps to block out sounds from entering your home, especially when compared with single walled homes.  This is important for apartment and townhome living or for families with young children.
  • Fire Resistance: Drywall helps to slow down fire growth and spread.  It’s not fireproof, but the increased time could help avoid harm or death.
  • Quick to Install: It is possible to install all the walls to a new construction house in several days!  It is even quicker to install a single wall or to do repairs to holes and other damage.  If you have ever wondered how people can add a wall or easily take one away, it is because they are working with drywall.
  • Low Cost to Repair: Accidents happen.  It is easy and much cheaper to repair holes and damage to drywall walls compared to other building materials out there.

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Install Drywall: Hire a professional or DIY?


Yes, you can learn how to install drywall by watching YouTube videos.  If you have the time and patience to learn a new skill that could be a fun project.  That being said, there are no videos for all the possible scenarios should something go wrong with the project. Here are some of the reasons why you may end up regretting to install drywall on your own:

You will spend money on drywall tools that you never will use again

High-quality drywall tools are not cheap.  Most people that purchase these tools won’t use it again.  They will end up taking storage space in your house for no reason.

It will take you way longer than a professional like us

The first time working with drywall will take you longer than anticipated.  Your time is valuable.

The room will be messier for a longer period

Professionals like us work fast and clean the area of anything not necessary as they work.  It is normal for a beginner to keep the space messier for a longer period.  That can be stressful and frustrating.

You may find some dangers behind the wall

There are many things that lurk behind the walls.  If you are doing major renovations, you may encounter some dangers you are not familiar with.  For example, asbestos, damaged electrical wires or plumbing pipes.  Other examples are sharp metal edges and nails.  If we find any unexpected danger that needs to be taken care of, we can take care of it quickly.  Depending on the problem, we can either fix it or arrange with the right team to come and correct it.

The wall may not look as you expected

If it was easy, then there would not be a drywaller job.  We have techniques to ensure a seamless look in the walls.  Specifically, in between the walls we install and your existing walls.  Whether it’s painting, patching, or adding texture, the final look is very important to us.

The wall may not turn out as sturdy as expected

Even though the wall may look fine, sometimes a quick misstep during the installation can translate in lack of sturdiness.  That means it can get damaged or wear down quickly.

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

We stand behind our work.  With Drywall Contractors Honolulu, your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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