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Found a hole in the wall? Water leak? Need to access the electrical wires? Those are common reasons for drywall repair in Honolulu.

At Drywall Contractors Honolulu, we take care of all types of repairs, patchwork, and replacements for you. Our dedicated team has experience with all different drywall repairs, drywall installation, and wallboard materials. From small damages to extensive damage from leaks or fires.

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Reasons for a Drywall Repair in Hawaii

  • Accidents and damage: Due to the weaker nature of drywall, it is very easy to dent or even break through it. For normal scratches and scuffs, a new coat of paint will usually do the trick, but holes will need to be fixed.
  • Selling Your Home: Selling your home is just a big of a step as it was to buy it. You surely want to put your best foot forward when showing it off to a potential buyer. Fixing damaged walls, filling in holes, repairing where the TV wall mount was, and even turning a single wall home to a double wall home can increase the value of your home as you put it on the market.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Repairs: When a plumber needs to repair a pipe or water valve, they will often need to cut through the wall. Electricians may also need to cut through the walls to get to hidden junction boxes or when doing a house rewire. What most people don’t know is that your plumber or electrician will not repair the drywall after they leave!
  • Leaks and Floods: Drywall material is not water-resistant and will soak up water after it gets through the paint layer. For any water accident, it is very important to remove the damaged wall and dry these water-soaked areas to prevent mold growth. Need to get an estimate for the cost?  All our estimates are free!  Give us a call today (808) 207-6715.

We can address all the above scenarios for both residential or commercial drywall repair in Oahu.


Drywall Whole Repair

The unexpected happens to everyone. Your kid kicks a ball into the wall. You are moving furniture and accidentally dent the wall. Sometimes it can be necessary as the plumber needs to access the piper, or the electrician needs to access the wires. No matter the cause, our drywallers come with solutions. Depending the size of the whole we may use plaster, drywall mesh, mud, or attach a piece of drywall to the studs fix the damage. That is also known as drywall patching. We will always check to ensure it is intact and study.

Repair Water Damage and Mold in the Wall

Should you experience any flooding or major leak, give us a call right away. The same goes for previous water damage or mold in the wall. Besides removing and repairing the damaged drywall area, our team can take care of the water remediation. That is necessary to prevent the growth and spreading of mold throughout your home. We have helped many families in their houses and condo apartments overcome water damage in Honolulu.

Drywall Repair Ceiling

The main reason for a ceiling drywall repair is a leak. The process is similar to the standing wall but done on the ceiling. If you suspect of a ceiling leak please call us as soon as possible. Before the drywall is too damaged. (808) 207-6715.

Our Process to Repair Drywall

Anyone can repair drywall, even you.  If you look online, there are many tips and videos that will show you how to do it yourself!  That being said, there is a difference between an amateur and a professional finish!  If the final product is important to you, leave it to Drywall Contractors Honolulu to give you the best and most professional look to your walls.  Here is our process for repairing drywall:

Our process for Drywall Repair:

  1. Clean damaged area
  2. Apply filler for a small area or patch material if bigger
  3. Secure new drywall with screws and or drywall tape
  4. Cover area with joint compound
  5. Sand area to match the original wall
  6. Apply 2nd coating of joint compound
  7. Sand area and make sure it matches original wall texture
  8. Paint over repair area and rest of wall to match

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