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If you are selling your home, one of the best returns on your investments is on interior house painting in Honolulu and Oahu. A fresh new coat of paint can make a home feel new and fresh, no matter the actual age. At a small fraction of the price of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it improves the entire unit, not just a single room! For your own home, a coat of paint usually lasts 5-10 years. Depending on the amount of care given, your paint can last over a decade or more!

Painting Contractors Honolulu

No Oahu drywall project is completed without a good painting job. Whether you just fix drywall, or transform single to double wall home, your will need to paint at the end. That is why we work closely with a team of painting contractors Honolulu we trust. That way, you can be sure that:

  • there will be NO miscommunications between contractors
  • you DON’T have to worry about coordinating schedules of different contractors, especially if the original plan changes
  • you get the MOST bank for your buck with high quality results
  • the painting job will be under our satisfaction guarantee policy too! 

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The Best Drywall and Painting Contractors in Honolulu

Our Honolulu drywall and painting contractors can fulfill all your interior wall painting needs, from simple spot paint repairs to the entire home. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

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Types of Paint

The sheen of the paint will determine the finishing and shine desired. The shinier the end product, the more protection the paint will give against moisture, dirt, and minor trauma. Higher sheens are also more expensive. Not everyone likes a bright finish however, so it’s good to put some thought into.

  • Flat – No sheen, sometimes considered a matte color. Easy to damage, so best for areas that aren’t touched, like the ceiling.
  • Egg Shell – Low sheen, minor protection, and very common in today’s trend. Often used in living room and bedroom areas. Be careful if washing the walls.
  • Satin – Medium sheen levels with more protection. Also common and used for living room and bedroom areas.
  • Semi-Gloss – High levels of sheen and used to accent certain colors or items. High levels of protection against moisture and friction. Used in kitchens, bathrooms, colored accent walls, children’s bedrooms, baseboards, door/window frames, and doors. If used for the entire home, most often will be in the white or off white color.
  • High-Gloss – Very high levels of sheen. Infrequently used for rooms and might be limited to doors, frames, and baseboards.


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Trends for Interior Painting in Oahu

The color of your paint can easily create a mood or feeling. Trends for interior painting in Oahu tends to follow the mainland with the addition to the light blue as it is surrounded by the ocean. If decorating for yourself, design to your heart’s content! If unsure, use the following as a guide:

white interior painting


 Standard color when no design is wanted. White is a common color to paint when selling a home because if the buyer doesn’t like it, it is easy to paint over and doesn’t require primer. Semi-gloss white walls might be too bright, especially if the house gets a lot of natural light. In contrast, it can look great with dark laminate or vinyl plank floors.

off white and beige interior house painting

Off white, beige

 Neutral colors are also great when looking for a little amount of design. These colors are still good because they are easy to paint over, will match all your furniture, and also the most common type of paint color used.

grey interior house painting


Appearing on the scene around 2015, gray is one of the trendiest paint colors to give a modern look. When looking at paint sample cards, choose lighter than darker. It is very common for the actual paint to look darker once painted than on the sample.

If color is important to you, sometimes it’s best to look at your furniture and flooring to confirm that the color you have in mind matches it.  Only a person’s preference will determine if they like a color or not.  It is common for bathrooms and kitchens to have light blue.  Every color works for some people and every color doesn’t work for others.

I’ve once seen a house for sale that was painted lime green because the owner liked it. When that owner tried to sell though, it sat on the market for over a year and the price had to be reduced over $80,000! To change a non neutral color, it is a simple task of adding primer to the walls and then painting over it. The owner of the lime green house could have changed the color for a several thousand dollars, sold quicker and for much more. This is how important your interior paint can be!

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