Single to Double Wall Conversion

Single to Double Wall Conversion Honolulu, Hawaii 

Many of the older houses in Hawaii have single wall construction. These walls can be very beautiful because they often use Redwood wall panels, which can give a country appeal that matches our island style. These are the most common home for which we have done a single to double wall conversion in Honolulu.

Unfortunately, redwood walls scratch very easily and are very expensive. Sadly, painting these wood panels will make it lose its appeal. Once a wall is damaged, it will never go back to its original condition. Additionally, it is not possible to repair them as you repair drywall. Luckily, you don’t have to demolish drywall and can just hire professionals who are specialize in this conversion such as ourselves. The value and appeal of your home will increase significantly. 

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Single Wall Home? Damaged Redwood Wall Panels?
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Single Wall Construction in Hawaii

singe to double wall conversion Honolulu
Single wall construction renovation in Oahu
single to double wall renovation Hawaii

Double Wall Construction

Single Wall Construction Renovation

Many people believe that the only way to modernize their single-walled homes is to knock it down and build a new one. This is simply not true! Converting a single wall home to a double wall home is not difficult to do and can greatly increase the value of your property once your original walls have worn down. Although it is not difficult for experienced contractors like ourselves, it involves much more skill than the common project to install drywall in Honolulu.

Add Drywall to Single Wall Construction

Our specialists in drywall Honolulu are the experts at adding drywall to a single wall construction. In fact, our owner did this to his own home! We will use your existing walls and add framing around it. Insulation will be added to dampen traveling sound. We will then apply drywall to enclose it all in. Finally, a fresh coat of paint will be added and your home. It is so impressive as it will look brand new!

Single Wall vs Double Wall Home

The difference between a single wall and double wall home is striking. Most people tell us that they can’t even recognize their houses anymore! If you are looking to put your house up for sale, you may want to consider a double wall conversion over just painting the walls. If you want to know the approximate cost, all our estimates are always FREE. Give us a call today (808) 207-6715! For commercial projects too.

double wall conversion contractor in Oahu, Hawaii

Advantages to Converting A Single Wall Home:

  • Improves the look and feel of the house
  • Improves temperature and sound insulation
  • More forgiving and easier to maintain walls
  • Increase the value of your property

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This is as a specialty as it gets for our drywallers! We have transformed damaged single walls in the most modern and amazing walls. The customers are always happy and the property value increases exponentially. Give us a call for FREE estimates.