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Removing walls and opening up space has become trendy in modern-day living.  For residences, “open kitchen concepts” are terms often heard in hit shows on HGTV.  For retail spaces, commercial build-out projects often involves changes to the wallboards.  Wall removal in Honolulu is definitely a very popular project we get hired for.

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Our Process

Remove Wall Honolulu

Depending on the renovation, some people may want to take down a wall to move it to another location. In some cases there is a leak with major drywall damage ant it just makes sense to remove the wall. Most often, if you are looking to increase the sq ft of a current room for space. Remove and install wall in Honolulu is something we are very experienced with and would love to help you out.


Determine if a wall is a Load Bearing Wall

 The first step in wall removal is to determine if the wall is load bearing.  A load bearing wall provides structural integrity for a standing home.  Removing the structure can cause instability to existing walls and ceilings.  Non load bearing walls or partition walls are meant to divide space, but provide no structural integrity to the home.  Non load bearing walls are simple to remove.  It is a good idea to do this to open up a small space or get rid of a hallway.  Many modern homes will remove walls that separate the kitchen from the living room.  Removing a load bearing wall is much more difficult, but still possible.  Once the loadbearing portion is removed, keep in mind that something must replace the load, either a beam, post, or a mix of both.  Before deciding to remove the wall, talk to our contractors to see if the replacement structure fits into your design plans.


Does the wall have electrical wires or water pipes?

The next step to determine the cost of removing a wall is to determine if electrical or plumbing goes through it.  Since most wall removals occur in the kitchen, this is a very important factor to consider.  The easiest way to determine if a wall has wiring is to look for an outlet in that wall.  If the wall is not in the kitchen or bathroom, it is unlikely that a pipe runs through it.


Remove, seal, smooth, and finish the new edges

Once there is a green light to remove the wall we can start the process.  The final step will be to seal, smooth, and finish the new edges of the wall.  It is important to keep attention to detail in this phase.


Drywall paint

Making sure the drywall and paint match the rest of your house is important.  When we are finished, no one will even know a wall existed there before!  In some cases, the floor will need to be figured out too.  That is usually the case in major renovations.  In those cases, you can choose to work with our team of flooring contractors.

Cost to Remove Wall in Hawaii

The cost to remove a wall in Hawaii will depend on the type of wall you intend to take down.  Basically, it depends on:

  • Load Bearing vs Non-Load Bearing Wall
  • Electrical or Plumbing present

Let us check out your place and make the best recommendations on how to increase your space and keep the cost lower.

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wall removal contractor in Honolulu. The project involved removing a load bearing wall to open up the kitchen.

When Not to Remove a Wall

Increasing a room’s space does not always increase the value of your property. If removing a wall reduces the amount of rooms in your home, it could actually lower the value of your property. Homes values are normally based on bedroom count and square footage. If you decrease the number of bedrooms, but keep the square footage the same, you can really reduce the value of your home!

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