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20+ years of experience

20+ years of experience in home remodeling, drywall projects, and flooring. Although we specialize in drywall, we have an established team who can complete any project.


Licensed and Insured

We are licensed, bonded, and insured


High Quality Construction

We use quality materials and will warn you about the differences when choosing.


No Short Cuts

We do not cut corners on our work and pride ourselves to choose quality materials and 

What We Are Great At

Install Drywall

Install New Drywall

Convert Single to Double Wall Home

Convert your single wall home to a double wall home

Repair Drywall

Holes, cracks, water damage

Move or Remove a Wall

Move or Remove a Wall

Business Build Out

Move or Remove a Wall

This team will not disappoint you! Our single walls were damaged and we explored the options. My family was blown-way by their work on converting my single-wall home to a double wall. My home looks so different, clean, and modern. And the resale value has gone up significantly! 

Henry Chang, Honolulu

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